Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiny Birthday Party - Makaila turns 4!!

For my daughters 4th B-Day we went with the tiny theme. We had everything tiny!! From tiny Invitations, tiny decorations, tiny deserts and tiny food!
My wonderful husband made these labels which we used to re-cover small water bottles with.
For the food we had tiny tacos, tiny quesadillas and all the fixings. I couldn't find anyone to make me tiny tortillas and I didn't have time so I used a cookie cutter which was perfect. I did both flour and corn tortillas. With the left overs you can bake or fry and make chips or tiny chips. :-)
My best friend Brooke was awesome enough to help me out with the party and finally got to enjoy in some tiny tacos.
From Easter I had picked up some tiny suckers that I saved for the party. From the dollar store I grabbed these cute princess tiny tea sets which the girls were able to take home with them as a party favor. The wands I got from Oriental Trading.
Tiny Desserts!! We have tiny cupcakes, tiny m&m's, tiny rice krispie treats (I cut into tiny squares and drizzled pink frosting on) tiny gummy bears I found at my local super Wal-Mart, tiny ice cream sandwiches (100 calorie Wal-Mart brand) tiny sugar cookies and 1 oz plastic cups with lids I picked up at URM Cash and Carry store.
My little princess, who isn't so little anymore. She's getting so big!!

The only thing I was not over the top about was how the "tiny" cake turned out. This is also the 2nd attempt at her cake. It's just ok in my opinion, but Makaila loved it with the tiny necklace and ring on top.

I hope this inspires you the create your own tiny party!! The possibilities are endless and I keep finding new tiny products, gotta love the 100 calorie items!!

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